Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to my blog ! Please enjoy my work and leave some comments.

I'm a freelance illustrator living in Silver Spring MD. I'm currently at school studying animation and 3D modeling (graduating summer 2012). Please check out my 3D page for my modeling work.
The following work is concept art I started last year. These projects are still in progress and I'm continually adding art to them . I'm providing only a glimpse of what I'm working on at this time.If you like what you see then please go to my site at for more of my work.

  The images below is stuff I am doing for an actual point and click, puzzle/ adventure game. I was inspired by Monkey Island and Machinarium and  decided to create some concepts for a similar game.The original idea came from myself and Pablo Leon.

Deep in the jungles of Guatemala a mystery lies buried.

Interested ? Go to my site for more.

Here is some posters I created for Gigacon last year.Gigacon is an annual convention held in the Washington DC area. Game/comics/entertainment, media Industry professionals come together to give advice to students etc.

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